Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paul Poiret with my own 2 eyes!

While traveling through France this summer I had the great fortune of seeing Paul Poiret Couture with my own 2 eyes! The fact that these were found in this adorable madame's attack in an old suit case makes this collection even more incredible. She sold most of the pieces to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, but kept her faves which I'm sharing with you here. Her grandmother was one of Poiret's muses', but moved to the country side where she didn't have a chance to wear these incredible garments, but when ever she went into paris she was sure to pack her Poiret couture.

The forward thinking in both construction and design are incredible. The coats are constructed from one piece of fabric, the turban style hats, the dresses with the empire waists, and the hobble skirts are all signatures of "The King of Fashion". Poiret works continue to influence designers today.



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